Word from the Worshipful Master in the East

Dec message from the East

It has been a long year and I look forward to Election Night.  It is important that the brethren attend this meeting and participate in choosing next year’s officers.

I would like to thank all of you for a great year.  We were able to get our families involved with the picnic and bringing back Eastern Star.  Our Junior Warden put on some great meals this year and attendance at most of the meetings was good.

We were able to visit and help out some of the other lodges.  The comradery meant a lot to me.  I hope some of the new brothers will continue the visits and get more involved as they travel.  I would also like to thank all of the officers for helping me out this year.  I appreciated all of the help and wisdom you provided me.  I look forward to helping you all out as you move through the chairs.

We also have five brothers we’re trying to direct to the degree of Master Mason. We have three brothers that are wanting to prove the proficiency. If this task accomplished, I am tentatively looking at 29 December for a third-degree. I realize the calendar is getting short.

This opportunity gives us the chances to improve ourselves and our new brother Masons. Our successes are dependent on making good sound decisions supporting in developing the new and directing the old.  I applaud the support already been given, and hope it continues well into the future.

Fallon is having a Christmas party for the kids on 8 December at 5 PM.

The Veteran Cemetery is in need of help placing 7000 wreaths. I would like to see as many of your brothers as possible at 08:30 on the 15th at the cemetery to assist them.

Also will need some brothers to assist with delivering baskets to our widows. This I will discuss at the stated meeting.