Oct message from the East

Hello Brethren from the East

WE move closer to the end of the year, it is unbelievable how this year has gone by and all the changes that we have gone through. Some had been hard but I think we have made a lot of good steps forward. I am still very impressed with how our brothers have come together to make this lodge so successful this year.

We are working on a second degree and am reminded of some very important words in our ritual.  “The internal and NOT the external qualifications of a man are what Masonry regards” or should.

We have came together many times this year and shown REAL brotherly love. Through many dinners, BBQ’s, table lodge we have bonded and grown in a stronger Brotherly bond.

As we begin to close out this year I call upon you  to renew your Masonic obligation and help bring strength to Fernley Lodge 34. It only works and is strong as a Brotherhood.

Though we have done many great events this year but we still can have many more before the year is out. We will be doing a Fellow Craft Degree on Oct 30 at 10am. Come and support the growth of this Brotherly Fellowship.

We have some good dinners coming up at the stated dinners as always, come and support.

 I still call upon all of you brothers to help move this great lodge into the NEXT 100 years. As we build upon the foundations of those who came before us. We continue to prove that we are stronger than all that has been thrown at us the last couple of years. I hope that we don’t let this foundation to deteriorate. May the Blessing of Heaven rest upon all regular Masons. May Brotherly Love prevail, and every moral & social virtue cement us.