Word from the Worshipful Master in the East

February 24, 2016


  Thank you to all Brothers who attended our last stated meeting. Seeing Brothers in attendance whose presence has been missed at meetings is appreciated. Hopefully this is a sign more names will appear on the Tyler's register throughout the year.

  I will not be present at the next stated meeting. My Grandfather will receive his 50yr pin at his home lodge in Pennsylvania. I will travel there, then on to sunny Florida where I will attend his current lodge. I am looking forward to seeing how Pennsylvania ritual differs. This will make the third state of which I am a sojourner.

  Brother Senior Warden committed himself to conferring an E.A. Degree Saturday, March 26. Opening11am, lunch 1130, degree starts at 12 noon. This is the Senior Wardens first time conferring a degree. No doubt he will appreciate support of the Bretheren. Above all, I encourage Brothers to attend in support of our new Brother to be.


M. P. Reidy